The Colonial Wood Address Frame
The Colonial Wood Address Frame
The Colonial Wood Address Frame
The Colonial Wood Address Frame

The Colonial Wood Address Frame

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Make a statement with this decorative wood address frame. This address frame is precision made and is a perfect match for the Steel Tiara address signs. You can’t find a quality made frame like this at the hardware store. Stained and coated with premium water based wood finish to withstand outdoor conditions

Wood Frame Only 

Please view our address and monogram section for steel hanging signs. If you don't see the sign style or size that you desire please contact us and we will customize the piece to suit you needs.

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Address sign installation

The depth of your post holes–and how well the posts are anchored–are the most important factors in the stability of the Address Sign. If you do not get the post holes deep enough there is a greater potential that your Address Sign can be blown over. Before digging your post holes, call the free BC hotline - BC 1 Call – 1-800-474-6886, to start the process of having all underground utility and communication lines marked on your property. This will help you to avoid interrupting services or potentially putting yourself in danger.

Post length are 8 feet for a 6-foot-tall address sign. They are commonly four-by-fours, which measure approximately 3 1/2 by 3 1/2 inches,. Post holes can be dug with a power auger. An auger is a drill-like machine designed to dig out post holes in hard ground.

Dig post holes approximately 30" deep with a 10" auger bit, and fill with approximately 6" of aggregate (rock) fill for drainage. This will leave you with 24" of post below ground. The deeper you dig the holes, the more stability your address sign has.

The address posts should be set in concrete for stability. While installing, you may need to brace the post to prevent it from leaning before the concrete has setup. Your concrete should be a standard gravel mix. Most homeowners use dry concrete mix sold in bags, Bagged concrete commonly comes in 40- and 60-pound bags. If you’re using four-by-four posts and have holes that are 10 inches wide by 2 feet deep, you’ll need about three and a half 40-pound bags or two and a quarter 60-pound bags for each hole. It’s a good idea to overfill the holes slightly and smooth the top of the concrete into a dome that helps shed water away from the post.

Quality Control

Quality Control

Each and every piece goes through a vigorous quality control process to ensure your product is perfect. We pride ourselves on 100% quality.

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Orders typically take 1-2 weeks to be processed in our high precision facility.  Once the package has been manufactured and ready for pick up you will receive an email to coordinate a time for pick up.   These pieces are worth the wait.

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Each piece is manufactured in Prince George, B.C.