Classic Tree Design Monogram - Fire Panel
Classic Tree Design Monogram - Fire Panel
Classic Tree Design Monogram - Fire Panel

Classic Tree Design Monogram - Fire Panel

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Stay clean and classic with out tree design monogram.  A clean choice for a fuss free monogram. 

Choose to make your fire ring a repeating pattern using this panel or make it one of many panels for the perfect personalized fire ring.  With our large collection of originally drawn panels we are certain you will find a look that expresses your unique style. 

Chose from strong durable 1/8 plate steel, or thick 3/16 plate steel. The panel is finished with high heat enamel so your fire ring will last for years whether fully assembled or collapsed into it smaller storage format.  

 Quality Control

Premium Material

All steel items are made from premium cold rolled steel and cut by our industry leading CNC plasma technology. This ensures a precise and clean quality cut every time. The piece is then sanded, cleaned and painted with a high quality epoxy paint. This allows the piece to be hung indoors or outdoors, and enjoyed for years to come .

Quality Control

Each and every piece goes through a vigorous quality control process to ensure your product is perfect. We pride ourselves on 100% quality.



Orders typically take 1-2 weeks to be processed in our high precision facility.  Once the package has been manufactured and sent out for shipping you will receive an email with the tracking number.  Parcels typically take 3 to 7 days for delivery.  These pieces are worth the wait.

Fire Panel Shipping Rate

Local Pick up               Free

1 Panel                     $19.99

2 Panels to 3 Panels $24.99

4 Panels to 5 Panels $29.99

6 Panels to 7 Panels $34.99

8 Panels to 9 Panels $39.99

Each piece is manufactured and shipped from Canada.